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Student records and where to find them

There is much confusion about how Oxford – the colleges and the University – works, and how to find records of a particular individual.  As and when I find myself formulating a particularly succinct and helpful response to someone on this subject, I will post the relevant excerpts. For instance:

Each of the 39 colleges of the University of Oxford holds records only about its own members. To check membership of the whole University, you will need to contact the central University Archives (for pre-1932 records) http://www.oua.ox.ac.uk/ or the Degree Conferrals Office (post-1932) degree.conferrals[at]admin.ox.ac.uk. If they have a record of your subject having been a member of the University of Oxford, they will also have information about college affiliation, which you can then follow up by contacting the relevant college via www.oxfordarchives.org.uk.

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