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St Cross Church burials and memorials

There are two graveyards by St Cross Church in Holywell, Oxford. One is the ancient churchyard of St Cross, which is a small triangular fenced area to the immediate south of the church, along St Cross Road. The other is Holywell Cemetery, a municipal cemetery and nature reserve to the east of the church. These two have always been administratively separate. If you are looking for burials in one or the other, you will need to be aware of the difference between the two.

The burials in the much larger and better-known Holywell Cemetery have been catalogued in full by the Oxfordshire Family History Society and are available on CD via their website.

The burials in St Cross churchyard have not yet been catalogued in full; this project is pending by the Oxfordshire Family History Society. In the meantime, you may be interested in their transcripts of the Holywell parish registers and Dr John Jones’ research on the intramural and churchyard memorials in St Cross, described online here.

Have a look at this aerial view of the area: St Cross churchyard is a small triangle bounded on the west and south sides by St Cross Road and the south side of the church; Holywell Cemetery extends from the east end of the church.

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