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Oxford Open Doors Days

A good first day of Oxford Open Doors weekend! 300 visitors at St Cross, lots of questions, some answers, a modicum of palaeography, one ENORMOUS 15th century manuscript and a more reasonably sized 17th century admissions ledger on display (plus many facsimiles), a mistake spotted in two lights of the north aisle windows, no leaflets left at 4pm. There’s a good stack allocated for tomorrow’s visitors though, so do come along between 12 and 4 pm. If you’re particularly fortunate you may coincide with  some live music!

2nd day update, Sunday: 354 visitors for a total of 654 over the weekend. Fairly evenly spaced through both afternoons. Good weather probably helped! nice to be able to have the door actually open. Not many questions from visitors were repeated; a few FAQs to follow…

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