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Thing 5

I did Thing 4 last week, signing up as an Official Participant in 23Things for Research, and am now on their Participants List , which brings me to…

Thing 5 of 23 Things for Research: Explore other blogs and get to know some of the other participants. I have looked at every blog on the list (so far). Most are brand new for this project, so I will have to check back when they have more content. Several blogs from the list that caught my eye were:

#bodathon, in which an Oxford undergraduate charts her course of visiting and reading in every Bodleian Library she can.

There’s more than one Bod?? no, The Bod as in ‘are you going to the Bod?’ is always The Old Bod in Catte Street, the University library, the hallowed home of Duke Humfrey and so on. But Bodleian Libraries refers to the whole complex (and I mean that as a noun and an adjective) of Oxford University’s libraries. Wow. I have degrees from three universities and none of them had more than one library. It was in each case called The Library. Oxford is, of course, different. Here is the whole glorious mad list of libraries that are somehow part of the University of Oxford, though as it explains, college libraries and some other university libraries are NOT part of the Bodleian Libraries. Except for their catalogues. Mostly. I think one thing I am going to be doing more of during 23Things is exploring the MASS of Bodleian websites… so much fascinating material, not always so easy to find…

Monasticism in 100 Manuscripts I can’t WAIT for more content on this blog! what a fantastic subject. And it gives me ideas…

I’m sure this list will grow – looking forward to developments.

And thanks to the 23Things Bits & Bobs post for today, I had a look at the very useful if inelegantly named Your Password Sucks presentation from Dan Q at the Bod, and found that, in fact, my passwords are not that bad. Could Do Better though. Not sure about the online password management sites. I don’t think I want to ‘simplify my online life’, as one site’s ad video puts it, if that means giving all my passwords to everything to anybody! especially not online. I’ll stick with the sticky notes.

Oh, and appparently this is the 1o0th post on this blog. About time I found out some new things about blogging then!

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