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Balliol Chancellors

In preparation for an overhaul of the archives & manuscripts website, which we hope will bring it into line with the rest of the college web pages, I’m tidying up the somewhat organic/byzantine navigation and gradually moving various pages of a ‘history bits and bobs’ nature to the blog instead. First, a list originally compiled by Dr Jones:

Balliol Chancellors of the University

1332 Richard Fitzralph
1374 William de Wilton
1426 Thomas Chace
1440 Richard Rotherham
1440 William Grey
1445 Robert Thwaytes
1453 George Neville
1461 George Neville again
1494 John Morton
1907 George Nathaniel Curzon
1925 Alfred Milner
1928 Edward Grey
1960 Maurice Harold Macmillan
1987 Roy Harris Jenkins
2003 Christopher Francis Patten

The pre-1500 list may well be incomplete, and dates are in some cases dates of appearance, not election. Further, some of the early names also appear as Vice-Chancellors in other lists.

The only non-Balliol Chancellors since 1907 were Lords Cave (1925-1928) and Halifax (1933-1960). So six out of the last eight elections have chosen Balliolienses, and 66% of Oxford’s last century has been presided over by one.

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