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a question of apples – the answer

spoiler alert – for the question, see yesterday’s post before reading on!

MS Balliol 354, p.448 (detail)

MS Balliol 354, p.448 (detail)

The answer is 382.
I just cannot transcribe Mr Hill’s diagram in a shape that reflects the MS, but it says:

382 halved is 191
and one more
Rest (i.e. left) 190 after the first gate
2nd gate: 190 halved is 95, and one more to the porter leaves –
3rd gate: 94 halved is 47, and one more –
4th gate: 46 halved is 23, and one more –
5th gate 22 halved is 11, and one more –
6th gate 10 halved is 5, and one more –
7th gate 4 halved is 2, and one more –
‘and at last one he bare away.’

More little conundrums from a 16th century London grocer another day!

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