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monthly report: January 2013

A new feature – each month I’ll be posting a report on some of the previous month’s activities. Items reported on will doubtless develop over time; some months there will be nothing to mention in some fields, but I’m guessing that won’t happen often.

Researcher services

  • Days open: 18
  • Number of remote enquiries (emails, letters): 70
  • Number of researchers in person: 9
  • Number of person-days in the reading room: 9 (not the same 9!)
  • Collections consulted: David Urquhart papers (2), Nicolson diaries, MS 260, MS 271, Archives sport/society records, Browning papers, Swinburne papers, TH Green papers, Caird papers
  • Topics of enquiry: MS 383, MS 354, AL Smith papers, family/individual history (12), Conroy papers, David Urquhart & Chalet papers, college heraldry, Hannah Brackenbury (2), Matthew Arnold, Swinburne papers (3), palaeography (4), Balliol Players, Jenkyns papers, records management, Adam von Trott, Harold Macmillan, Benjamin Jowett, RBD Morier papers, property formerly owned by Balliol, college history, college memorials, several requests for images…

Collection care

  • Cataloguing: Claire has finished detailing the Browning letters and is working on the Leonardo Society papers.
  • Digitisation: RBD Morier papers, file 15.6. 313 images posted to Flickr.


  • blog posts: 7
  • a tour of St Cross & one of Broad Street site
  • major overhaul of the website underway
  • advice to local church on care of their records


  • continuing 23 Things for Research (slowly!)
  • Learning Institute module
  • Conservation studio – session on procedures re loans for exhibitions

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