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  • 750th logo: this year Balliol College celebrates its 750th birthday! More about the founders
  • An early benefaction by the co-founder: College Archives D5.15, Dervorguilla of Galloway, Lady de Balliol, grants a plot of ground in Horsemonger Street to the Principal and Scholars of Balliol, ca. 1285.
  • Medieval initial Q: from MS 13, Robertus de Tumbalena Super Cantica
  • Medieval initial P: from MS 88, Anonymous, On the Virtues and Vices
  • Medieval initial – dragon: from MS 208, Duns Scotus
  • First Latin register – from the earliest extant register of College Meeting minutes, 1514-1682. This entry is dated 15 October 1605 – a College Meeting in Chapel grants Mr Champion Gyttyns, a Fellow since 1592, a leave of absence from the college. Images of the register are online here
  • Admissions Register – page from the earliest extant Register of Admissions and Degrees, covering 1636-1682 – entries from Trinity Term 1655.
  • St Catherine: a historiated initial from a Benefactors’ Book dating from the 1780s, covering 1684-1783.
  • Rowers: 1879 Head of the River – this boat came first in the intercollegiate bumps races in Trinity Term
  • Players – The Birds: Balliol Players in costume for a performance of Aristophanes’ The Birds in 1932. From the Balliol Players collection in the college archives.
  • Bird’s eye view sketch of Balliol – from a volume of drawings submitted by Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin as part of his portofolio for proposed revuilding of the front quad, 1843. More of Pugin’s drawings are online here
  • Kimono tea party: Alister Wedderburn, June 1914, from FF Urquhart album 7, p.12 photo K.
  • Students sitting on steps: Balliol Pavilion, on the Master’s Field, Whit Monday 1914. Gareth Hamilton-Fletcher (Balliol 1913) and Hardit Singh Malik (Balliol 1912). Ref. Francis Urquhart album 7, p.8 photo C. Images from this album are online here
  • Hanover Society minutes – from the only minute book of this University society, founded in 1911, the object of which was ‘to promote the cause of good feeling between Germany and England by giving Englishmen and Germans in the University opportunities of meeting, and discussing topics of interest and importance to both nations.’The rest of the minutes are online here.

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