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23 Things for Research roundup

It’s taking me a long time to work through the Bod’s excellent 23Things for Research exercise, but I haven’t forgotten about it, or stopped working on Things, and I’m already thinking of Things I’d like to add to a more archivists/manuscript curators/archival scholars & researchers-specific similar project… here’s a roundup of the Things with links to the Bod’s posts setting out each Thing task, and to my posts about them – more posts & links to come:

Things 1-3: Project orientation, create a blog, set some personal project goals – my post

Thing 4: signing up – no post

Thing 5: Explore others’ project blogs – my post

Thing 6: Online personal brand – my post

Thing 7: Twitter  – my post

Thing 8: RSS feeds – my post

Thing 9: Social stories tools – my post and P.S.

Thing 10: Facebook – my post

Things 11 & 12: LinkedIn & Academia.edu – my post

Thing 13: Presentations & podcasts – my post

Thing 14: Wikipedia – my post

Thing 15:  Podcasts & videos – my post

Thing 16: Sharing research online – my post

Thing 17: Exploring images online – my post and P.S.

Thing 18: Creative Commons & copyright – my post

Thing 19: Reference management tools – my post

Thing 20: publishing links – my post

Thing 21: online scheduling tools – my post

Thing 22: GoogleDocs & Dropbox – my post

Thing 23: to sum up – my post

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