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mystery gift!

An anonymous deposit was waiting for me in the pigeon post this morning: a late 19th or early 20th century photo postcard showing St Cross Church, a bit of Holywell Manor, and two children standing in front of cottages where the English faculty building now stands, at the northeast corner of Manor Road and St Cross Road.


The postcard, quite a faded print


St Cross and the Clewer Sisters’ chapel with its little steeple rather misleadingly just behind a pole of some sort – electricity? Only the south wall of the chapel remains; the rest is part of the Praefectus’ Garden at Holywell Manor. Tweaked and at high resolution

Children and cottages, tweaked and at high resolution



Many thanks to the donor, whoever it was! This postcard will be filed with our small dossier of information on the history of St Cross – all the official parish records and other historical bits and pieces about the church are in the County Record Office.

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