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Thing 17 P.S.

‘Other image sharing & search tools are available’ and here’s my take on those on the list kindly assembled for us by the 23Things for Research team:

    • Picasa (need a Google email/account to upload to this): worth checking if you’re looking for an image of something particular, but I found the Flickr search more focussed, with fewer but better results. Picasa doesn’t seem to have the search and community group functions of Flickr – or built-in statistics, either. So I won’t be considering joining that.
    • Wikimedia Commons high profile, connected to Wikipedia (sometimes!), probably lots of traffic. Worth investigating further.
    • Instagram – well, I love the arty filters, but that’s not what I need. And as there’s no desktop version, and I don’t use a mobile device to take photos, this is a non-starter.
    • Photobucket – definitely seems aimed at personal accounts and networks, though descriptions include business use.
    • SmugMug – what a name! that alone is enough to put me off using it personally or (especially) professionally. They seem geared toward social media use – it developed from a game site.
    • Shutterfly – main feature is the capacity for creating and editing photo books, cards, calendars etc using your own images, as well as just storing and sharing photos. A bit like online scrapbooking. I think it would be a good option for personal or perhaps small creative business use.

I checked some reviews and the Wikipedia entries for each site as well as their own About or Tour etc pages. On the whole, a quick look at this list shows that Flickr is clearly the best match for my purposes, but that Wikimedia merits consideration as well, probably for a fairly small number of images on specific topics – intended from our end to draw viewers to our other platforms as well as to share information! which may not be Wikimedia’s idea of the thing at all…

I wondered about the MYRIAD photo sharing sites out there – a search for ‘photo sharing sites review’ was completely overwhelming. Sticking with Flickr for now!

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