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Thing 19

Thing 19 for 23 Things For Research is investigating online reference tools.

Bibliography citations are just not part of what I do, famous last words. Especially not lots of them – I’ll often quote one or two, but I love my job because, for one thing, it does not involve writing long pieces of citation-heavy prose. I looked at all the ad videos for Zotero, Mendeley and Colwiz, but couldn’t really try any of them as they all require downloads or installing something in the browser, and I can’t do that. Colwiz is the only one with a really web-only feature, and there isn’t much funcitonality. I’m so, so wary of Zotero’s cheery advice to ‘say goodbye to folders’. I detest gmail’s lack of folders (ok, I know they’re there, but you’re not supposed to need them. Ha. I’m an archivist; I need hierarchical structure. Mendeley’s offer to organise my PDFs is very welcome, but I avoid those things like the plague. PDF is supposed to be a friendly format? Well, I beg to differ. And too often they are not very well formatted for effective searching anyway; I have a feeling Mendeley can only organise things that are already pretty organised. I liked Colwiz’s project management setup.

That is all I have to say about this Thing! Not for me! Dismiss! Hurra!

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