– notes, frequently asked questions and useful links from the archivist and curator of manuscripts at Balliol College, University of Oxford. Opinions expressed are the author's own.

conservation survey notes 4

Today we have naming of parts – binding parts.


Balliol MS 248C – the front board is detached, held on only by the cloth lining the inner joint.


And here’s why – although the double alum tawed supports are clearly present in the spine…


… when the manuscript was rebound, the supports were cut, and not attached to the upper board at all. The leather covering the outer joint, which was doing  a lot of the work of holding the board in place, has, unsurprisingly, split under the strain.


Close up showing the stumps of the supports on the spine side (lower part of photo) and the channels cut into the board for the supports to continue into  – but the channels are empty! The linen inner joint, now damaged itself, is the only attachment between spine and board.

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