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Waco 1


Fiona, Balliol’s Assistant Librarian, and I have just had a great week of all things special collections in… Texas! (I’m back-dating posts.)

Copy of DSCN9312

Detail of the bronze front doors of the Armstrong Browning Library

We were invited to Baylor University in Waco to make a presentation on Balliol’s (established, but mostly future) part in the Browning Letters Project at the Browning Day celebrations hosted by the Armstrong Browning Library. The text and slides of our part of the presentation are online here. I’ll be writing more on the blog soon about Balliol’s Browning letters and the progress of the project.


Foyer ceiling, Armstrong Browning Library

Copy of DSCN9317

Bells & pomegranates detail, foyer floor, Armstrong Browning Library


Setting up for Browning Day presentations in the Hankamer Treasure Room

Copy of DSCN9294

Reflection of stained glass on the recent exhibition, ‘…from America: the Brownings’ American Correspondents’, by Melinda Creech, the ABL’s current graduate assistant.

Copy of DSCN9303

Detail of the ‘O to be in England’ window in the Scholars’ Room.

Copy of DSCN9305

The Scholars’ Room – a very nice study space, almost more gentleman’s club than library, with beautifully polished tables, literary busts atop the shelves and more Browning-themed stained glass.


The Salon – it is meant to give an impression of what the Brownings’ salon in Casa Guidi would have looked like, and contains some items of furniture owned by the Brownings and the Barrett family as well as a series of stained glass windows illustrating some of the Sonnets from the Portuguese.

Copy of DSCN9336

My photos are awful and do no justice at all to this stunning and beautifully-planned building – the Library’s online tour is much better!

Some ABL-related places to watch:

the ABL  blog

the 19th Century Research Seminar

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