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Jenkyns Exhibition exam papers 1906-1912

There is surprisingly little systematic documentation in Balliol’s archives for any period of the details of university/college curricula, any individual’s studies or indeed teaching, or examples of student work.

A new album on our Flickr pages presents images of one surviving example of the upper standard of undergraduate achievement in Classics at Balliol a century ago: the scholarship examination papers for the Jenkyns Exhibition at Balliol College, as set in 1906-1912. Some of the sets of papers are not complete. The examinations were multifaceted and included:

  • prose and verse translations from Greek and Latin into English
  • verse composition in Latin and Greek verse (meter specified) based upon/more or less translating English poetry
  • philosophy questions (questions and answers in English)
  • an essay in English on a philosophical subject
  • ancient history questions (questions and answers in English)

Alas, we do not have any of the completed examination papers! It is just possible that a set may come to light one day…

The Jenkyns Exhibition in Literae Humaniores (Classics/Greats) is still offered at Balliol College.

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