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spring intern – post 1

Abby-Eléonore writes: First week here and some things have already left a mark on me:


-I saw a giant stack of boxes (that was a bit of a struggle to take them through the door but we managed it); about 100 green acid-free boxes that will be used to keep papers have been delivered to St Cross Church. The pile is bigger than me, and Anna and I had to wrestle a bit with their gigantic wrapping;

-and then had to put them on the shelves. No need to mention that it implies climbing a giant ladder and trying to reach upper shelves. It is obviously a sort of archivist sport to move a huge ladder  between narrow stacks!

-And the most amazing discovery truly is the rolling stacks. I have always been working in ancient prestigious monuments with no recent installations so those rolling stacks are some kind of advanced technology for me…

more next week…

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