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Unlocking Archives – Hopkins’ Leaves

Unlocking Archives:  a seminar series about current research in Balliol College’s special collections

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Details of items in Balliol’s Hopkins collection

Professor Lesley J Higgins will speak on

‘Spelt from Hopkins’ Leaves: Considering Archival “Remains”

at Balliol College’s Historic Collections Centre in St Cross Church, Holywell OX1 3UH

on Monday 27 June 2016, 1-2 pm.

All welcome, no booking required.

What can be learned from three sketchbooks, a family commonplace book, a handful of letters, an essay notebook, and a few other “scraps, orts and fragments”? The Hopkins “remains” at Balliol, although comparatively few, have much to teach us about his controversial practices as self-curator, the posthumous (and precarious) disposition of his poetry and papers, and the way in which reading Gerard Manley Hopkins is always an exercise in textural counter-point.

Lesley Higgins, a Professor of English at York University (Toronto, Canada), is the co-general editor of the Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins. She has produced three volumes for the series, has published extensively on Hopkins and Walter Pater, and is the author of The Modernist Cult of Ugliness: Gender and Aesthetic Politics.

Location & directions

Questions? archivist[at]balliol.ox.ac.uk

update: This lecture and a short interview with Prof. Higgins were recorded by Ian Hodgson of Voices from Oxford. Videos are now online:

Lecture: http://voicesfromoxford.org/v…/spelt-from-hopkins-leaves/677

Interview: http://voicesfromoxford.org/video/gerard-manley-hopkins/678

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