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monthly report April 2016

A few numbers about what was happening at St Cross during April:

  • Number of enquiries (email etc): 94
  • Running total for 2016: 357
  • Number of researchers in person: 7 (+ 9 for DIY Digitization day – research training!)
  • Number of person-days in the reading room: 13
  • Collections consulted: medieval mss, AL Smith, Ernest Walker, George Malcolm, Monckton, Greene-Reid, Hope Simpson
  • No of non-research visitors: ca 350+ (Shakespeare exhibition – open weekend 159, plus individual Balliol people by appointment and passersby during weekday open hours; Holywell Manor Festival)
  • Blog posts: 4
  • interesting events: DIY Digitization day with Prof Daniel Wakelin and Oxford students (see Storify); Shakespeare exhibition and open weekend; talk with Dr John Jones about the St Cross building project and special collections to the St Margaret’s Institute (and thanks to many who attended that talk for coming to the open weekend a few days later!); Holywell Manor Festival (college event); new display in the antechapel (decorative features treasure hunt). No Unlocking Archives talks as April was entirely in the University Vacation period.

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