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Unlocking Archives – May 2016

Lunchtime talk: Unlocking Archives

a seminar series about research in Balliol College’s special collections

Friday 20 May 2016 1-2 pm

Balliol Historic Collections Centre

St Cross Church, Manor Road OX1 3UH

* all welcome *


‘Representing the Ghost of Shakespear’:  summoning the spirits for Balliol’s spring exhibition

Naomi Tiley

As we can’t help but be aware, Shakespeare died on 23 April 1616 – 400 years ago. But does the Bard haunt Balliol? A behind-the-scenes talking tour of Balliol’s spring exhibition will elucidate. The speaker will leave plenty of time at the end for a last chance to look at the exhibition: ‘I suppose they thought I was dead’: Shakespeare at Balliol in five acts.

Naomi Tiley is the College Librarian at Balliol.  

Questions? library@balliol.ox.ac.uk

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