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monthly report July 2016

A few numbers about archives & manuscripts activity during July:

(I was away for 2 weeks of July, and no archives & mss research visits were scheduled during that time. This report is for 10 normal working days rather than the usual 20 or so.)

  • Number of enquiries (email etc): 60
  • Running total for 2016: 577
  • Number of researchers in person (unique users): 9
  • Number of person-days in the reading room: 10
  • Collections consulted: Monckton (2), Malcolm, Greene-Reid, Nicolson diaries, Browning, Hopkins, Arnold, AL Smith, Chalet, medieval mss
  • No of non-research visitors: ca. 40 – 30+ (Donors’ Day); individuals (2)
  • Interesting events: Balliol Donors’ Day event

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