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On 1 July 2016, volunteers around the country marked the centenary of the beginning of the Battle of the Somme, gathering at major train stations and standing in silence or singing (#WeAreHere). As part of today’s #TheOxfordSomme Twitter commemoration by the University of Oxford of Oxford men who died during #WW1 throughout the  Battle of the Somme July-November 1916, I’m tweeting the names of the Balliol men on the list, with date and place (if documented in college records) of death, in order of the date they died. I can’t be sure I’ve identified all of them; if you know of any omissions, please check the sources linked below and send an email with the necessary information. There were doubtless others who received wounds on the Somme that contributed to or hastened their deaths later, and others who carried injuries from the Somme for the rest of their lives; they are especially difficult to identify from college records, though certainly the last named here is one of them. Experts may nitpick about the exact definition of ‘who died on the Somme’, but let’s call this #InclusiveSomme; that’s bad enough for me.

More details for each man listed are available in the Balliol College War Memorial Book and the Balliol College Register (2nd ed). There is very little additional information in the college archives about most of them; college photographs are indexed here.

Cecil Henry Coxe (Balliol 1914), 2nd Lt RFC, died on the Somme 1 July 1916

Aubrey Holmes (Balliol 1898), Lt, 2nd Essex, died on the Somme (Beaumont Hamel), 1 July 1916

Gustaf Oscar Roos (Balliol 1887), Capt York & Lancaster, captured on the Somme 1 July 1916 & died of wounds

Andrew William Henderson (Balliol 1913), Capt, 1st Rifle Brigade, died on the Somme 2 July 1916

John Maurice Hunter (Balliol 1904), 2nd Lt 6th Wilts, died on the Somme (La Boiselle) 3 July 1916

Richard Trelawny May (Balliol 1909), Capt 7th Royal Sussex, died on the Somme (Ovillers) 7 July 1916

Arthur William Spring Cowie (Balliol 1904), 2nd Lt 7th Lincs, died on the Somme 8 July 1916

David Westcott Brown (Balliol 1912), Capt 6th Leics, died on the Somme 14 July 1916

Stephen Henry Philip Hewett (Balliol 1911), 2nd Lt, 11th Royal Warwicks, died on the Somme (High Wood), 22 July 1916

Francis Cecil Orr Twist (admitted to Balliol for 1915) 2nd Lt 18th Manchester, died on the Somme (Guillemont) 30 July 1916

Archibald Keltie Gilmour (Balliol 1911), Capt KOSB, died on the Somme 15 Aug 1916

Bernard Ashworth James (Balliol 1913), Capt, 13th Middx, died on the Somme (Guillemont), 18 Aug 1916

Charles Percy Hill (Balliol 1896), Capt, 4th N Staffs, died on the Somme (Guillemont) 19 Aug 1916

Christopher Gerard Goschen (Balliol 1899), Capt Grenadier Guards, died on the Somme (Les Boeufs) 11 Sept 1916

Charles Justus Buch (Balliol 1900), 2nd Lt 10th Beds, died on the Somme (Albert) 13 September 1916

Raymond Asquith (Balliol 1897), Lt Grenadier Guards, died on the Somme 15 September 1916

William Reginald Fitzthomas Wyley (Balliol 1910) Lt & Adj 240th Brigade RFA, died on the Somme (Ovillers) 19 Sept 1916

Maurice Astley Knatchbull-Hugessen (Balliol 1907), 2nd Lt Grenadier guards, MC, died on the Somme 25 Sept 1916

Harry Austin McCleave (admitted to Balliol for 1915), 13th Canadian Light Infantry, died on the Somme (Courcelette), 10 Oct 1916

William Hornby (Balliol 1912), 2nd Lt 17th King’s Liverpool, died on the Somme (Flers), 12 Oct 1916

Humphrey Neville Dickinson (Balliol 1900), 6th Royal West Kent, died on the Somme 13 Oct 1916

John Handyside (Balliol 1903), 2nd Lt 16th King’s Liverpool, died on the Somme, 18 Oct 1916

Auberon Thomas Herbert (Lord Lucas & Dingwall) (Balliol 1895), Capt RFC, died on the Somme 3 Nov 1916

Herbert William Hitchcock (Balliol 1913), Lt, Motor Machine Gun Corps, died on the Somme (Ancre), 13 Nov 1916

Frederick Septimus Kelly (Balliol 1899), Hood Batt Royal Naval Divn, died on the Somme (Beaucourt-sur-Ancre) 13 Nov 1916

William Ker (Balliol 1911),Royal Naval Divn, died on the Somme (Beaucourt-sur-Ancre) 13 Nov 1916

Gilbert Austin Turner (admitted to Balliol for 1915), 2nd Lt Royal N Lancs, died on the Somme (Grandcourt) 17 Nov 1916

Bernard Neville Rice (Balliol 1914), Capt 10th E Yorks, died 10 July 1917 of wounds received on the Somme June 1916

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