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Unlocking Archives HT17-1

‘Your Dear youths’: schoolboy letters of the 1780s and a strange link to the Brontës

 Monica Kendall, Thursday 9 February 2017 at 1pm

Researching her family’s links with the Brontës, Monica Kendall idly googled an eighteenth-century ancestor’s name and his place of death. Surprised, she found that he was briefly mentioned as a schoolteacher in a biography. The book’s notes were even on Amazon. The notes led her to Morier Family, Class C, Box 1 in Balliol College’s Archives, which preserves letters written 250 years before by her four times great-grandparents. And serendipitously, a little piece of jigsaw from the 1780s had illuminated Charlotte Brontë’s time in Brussels in the 1840s.

Monica Kendall is a graduate of St Hugh’s College, Oxford. She is working on her third book.

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