– notes, frequently asked questions and useful links from the archivist and curator of manuscripts at Balliol College, University of Oxford. Opinions expressed are the author's own.

monthly report June 2017

A few numbers about archives & manuscripts activity during June:

  • Number of enquiries: 62
  • Running total for 2017: 420
  • Number of researchers in person (unique users): 4
  • Number of person-days in the reading room: 4
  • Collections consulted: college records, medieval mss (2), Nicolson diaries
  • No of non-research visitors: ca 50
  • Interesting events & activities: manuscripts encounter activity for groups from Watford Girls’ Grammar School, careers talk and display for Bodleian Libraries trainees from across the University and college libraries

Some of the external (non-college) enquiry topics received in June:

  • C17 College servants
  • C17 members of College
  • C17 college history
  • C17 Greek Orthodox members of College/University
  • C18 members of College
  • C19-20 Boat Club records
  • Biographical research for local WW1 memorials and centenary commemorations
  • New Deal economist and presidential adviser Isador Lubin & the 1945 Moscow Reparations Commission
  • Works of art by John Minton, Samuel Wale RA, Allan Barr
  • C20 silver (plate) history
  • Biographical research re judge Robert Younger, Baron Blanesburgh (Balliol TT1880); philosopher TH Green (Balliol 1880); journal editor and writer JA Spender (Balliol 1881); politician, motorist, and litigant Frank, 2nd Earl Russell (Balliol 1883); poet and author Hilaire Belloc (Balliol Hilary Term 1893) and his record-setting walk to London; Slavonic scholar Nevill Forbes (Balliol 1903); Indian civil servant and diplomat Hardit Singh Malik (Balliol 1912)
  • Early C20 Balliol property in Oxford
  • Balliol during WW2
  • Identifying college architecture from old photos
  • Advice on preservation and arrangement of small institutional archives

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