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monthly report – March 2018

Some numbers about archives & manuscripts activity during March:

  • Number of enquiries: 41
  • Total for 2017: 145
  • Number of researchers in person (unique users): 7
  • Number of person-days in the reading room: 9
  • Collections consulted: Chalet, Rawnsley, college records (2), Monckton, Belloc, Jowett
  • images created: 2400
  • Productions (consulted by researchers in person or by the archivist in response to enquiries) – actual numbers may be slightly higher:
    • 12 boxes – up to 5 files per box, not including
    • 4 files – up to 200 items per file, not including
    • 36 individual items from a single letter to a bound volume

Some of the topics of remote enquiries received in March:

  • advice re archival sources and research
  • advice re archival training and careers
  • requests for permission to quote from or publish images of archival material
  • requests for (new) digital images of college records and medieval manuscripts
  • College portraits/art/chattels
  • 1968 student protests
  • Biographical research re / info on Balliol or related archives of
    • people who were not members of Balliol
    • T Good (Balliol 1626)
    • W Craven, 6th Baron Craven (Balliol 1756)
    • Benjamin Jowett (Balliol 1835) and Florence Nightingale
    • JA Symonds (Balliol TT 1858)
    • A Lang (Balliol HT 1865)
    • A Toynbee (Balliol HT 1875)
    • A Campbell (Balliol 1929)
    • R Leach (Balliol 1952)
    • KAH Gravett (Balliol 1955)

Enquirers and researchers should note that I resigned my post in early February and am currently completing the required 3 months’ notice. This is the last of my monthly reports to include numbers etc about enquiries and research at St Cross. As agreed in February, I have stopped taking new enquiries, requests for reprographics etc as of 1 April, and from the same date will no longer be dealing with researcher appointments, invigilation or productions and returns of material at St Cross. This is to make it possible for me to use the last few weeks of my notice period to ensure that pre-April enquiries, processing new accessions and other ‘essential but invisible’ tasks are dealt with as fully as possible before I leave. Details of the vacancy, and of interim and future staffing arrangements for the archives and manuscripts, will be posted on the Balliol College website in due course. Urgent enquiries and requests for research appointments should be directed to the Librarians until further notice.

– Anna Sander, Archivist & Curator of Manuscripts

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