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Seals and synagogue

Following on from contact with recent and current projects by Oxford Jewish Heritage, I’ve been scanning a series of title deeds in the college archives relating to Balliol’s acquisition in the 14th century of the site of the former synagogue in Oxford. I hope that making images of the deeds available will help and encourage further study of the history of the Jewish community in medieval Oxford.  In addition to the story their content helps to tell,  many of these documents are beautiful and evocative objects with interesting seals.  Here are a few photos:

You can see the B.9 series over at our flickr page, and other deeds also relating to the former site of the synagogue as B.11. Full transcripts (Latin only) of most of these deeds are available in HE Salter’s The Oxford Deeds of Balliol College. OHS vol LXIV, 1913.  It hasn’t been digitised – yet – but hard copies are often available on amazon or abebooks.