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Q & A – heraldry at St Cross

I think I should call these questions Q & A rather than FAQ, because frankly no question is asked frequently.  Some are asked more than once!

Q: is there any heraldry in St Cross church?

A: Not much. The architecture and decoration have been hashed about so many times it’s impossible to say what might have been there. No hatchments or architectural shields survive. There is one 19th century postcard with evidence of shields painted between the arches on the south arcade, but only two are shown (poorly). The only heraldry surviving now is associated with several of the memorials; the survey of memorials, including photos, is currently at the editing stage, and full details will be published on our website –  not immediately. But nothing earthshattering.

Balliol’s main site has lots of heraldry, and although it has been surveyed by Hindmarsh and written about by Wagner – we have both sets of notes in the modern papers collections – it’s never been written up. Thesis, anyone?